User Commands

Special command for new players /land wild will teleport you to a random location in the world.


- /afk - away from keyboard (let players know that you are afk).

- /back - teleports you back your your last saved location.

- /spawn - teleports you back to the main spawn.

- /home (name) - teleports you to your home.

- /sethome (name)

- /delhome (name) - deletes your home.

- /homes - shows all your homes.

- /tpa (playername) - ask the player if you can teleport to them.

- /tpaccept - accept teleport request.

- /tpahere - asks player to accept teleportation to your location.

- /tpdeny - Deny teleport request.

- /sell - sell items for money.

- /worth - checks how much a item is worth.

- /money or /balance - shows you're balance.

- /warp - shows you all the warps you have access to.

- /baltop - shows you the richest players on the server.

- /playtime - shows you your playtime in the server.

- /pay - pay money to players.

- /list - a list with all the players online in the server.

-/lands - information about our land claiming plugin.

- /stats - short list with some stats.

- /dispose - removes unwanted items.

- /lock - enter lock mode to protect chests,doors and other lockable items.

- /unlock - to unlock your locked items.

- /trust (playername) - to trust a player from a item you locked.

- /untrust (playername) - to untrust a player from your locked item.

- /protect - shows you the main protection menu to manage your protected items

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